Gosh Darn it is Cold!

So it has been about a month since I last posted anything on my blog. May I tell all my few readers that I am sorry. Life has been sucking me and the near future might not be any easier. But while I have a moment, I figured I would write about something very chilling. The wind.
When I woke this morning, the temperature was a brisk 8 degrees. The wind chill factor was below 0. For the past few years we have been rather lucky with the lack of snow on the ground, but this year, we have doubled last years total and will soon double the amount of snow we got in 2006. With all this snow and the cold temps, it brings me to a big question. Since becoming a letterboxer in 2005, snow has for the most part not kept me from letterboxing. Do you think the amount of snow over the past few years, has kept the art of letterboxing thriving through the winter and or do you think this winter may cause some of the new boxers to dissappear?
Last month I hosted a gather in Hooksett, NH and from most everyones mouth I had heard the likes of "Thank you for hosting this! We really needed to get out of the house." With that said, I would be left with the impression that there are few people letterboxing out in this stuff. So, what the are new letterboxers doing? If they started letterboxing in the early or late fall, they could easily fall victum to the letterboxing trash can. Most letterboxers I have met or follow online have mentioned an addiction. Starting in the fall doesn't really give you that time to get addicted. Unless you have tons of time on your hands and search for boxes everyday, day and night.
So with the spring time only getting closer by the day, I begin to wonder. Will there a handful of boxes that are planted in the Northeast abandoned by letterboxers that lost interest? I hope not, but maybe it is what letterboxing needs to stay small and quiet.


gollygee said...

I think the people who are really going to be into letterboxing won't let winter deter them. But you make a good point, maybe winter is the time that weeds out the not-so-serious letterboxers. I bet there are quite a few who do it just for one summer and then never take it back up the following year. :)

littlmoon said...

I think the people that stay with letterboxing, (throughout the years) are the people who plant the best boxes! They know where the best hiding places are and how to hide them properly! And don't fret, more and more people realize what a great activity this is too! So if we loose some, alwell, more will always come along too!


wandaandpete said...

Letterboxing in the snow is actually what got ME hooked! Prior to the winter of 2000-2001, we had only found about 20 boxes in 2 years, but that winter had so much snow I was able to go x-c skiing up rocks and stuff, like at Mt. Misery that normally would have been impossible! I just loved looking for those little boxes buried under the snow, whether I found them or not! It seems like I skied almost everywhere I went letterboxing in Feb. 2001, and found 86 boxes, which was pretty amazing for how few comparatively were out there back then! Every year since we've managed to ski, snowshoe or climb for at least a few winter boxes, which brings me to my point: when I noticed this post, remembering last year when we visited and it got WAY below zero, I was just about to e-mail you to ask if there were any other of your boxes that we haven't yet done that might make a good ski trip. We're thinking of coming up to NH for Valentine's Day, and wondered if you had anything left out there at Bear Brook or elsewhere? I still remember that cool climb up to Castle in the Clouds in the snow, skiing around White Lake, Pisgah, Pawtuckaway, Wildcat, Great Glen,etc. and hope you can recommend another wonderful winter letterboxing adventure for us!


The Travelers Four said...

I think it's time for "Gosh darn it is Hot!" Happy summer. I miss winterboxing :(