Escaped Gorilla Found!

On July 5th, it had been reported that there was a gorilla running around Concord, New Hampshire somewhere. Escaping from the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston, Mass sometime last week, the gorilla managed to make it up to Concord without being seen until a phone call had been made to the local police department in neighboring Pembroke. An officer says the call came in early July 4th claiming to have seen the gorilla, but after a sweep of the woods in Pembroke, the search was called off, claiming no evidence of the gorilla anywhere.

As a curious resident, I desided to head out and find out for myself if in fact the gorilla had made its way to New Hampshire. While walking the Karner Blue Butterfly Santuary in Concord, I had spotted the gorilla watching me in the woods. I called the local police and they responded quickly. After about an hour, the gorilla was caged and ready to head home. On July 6th, I was rewarded for finding the gorilla first. But then again, I couldn't help but find it first. I live right down the road.

To find the escaped gorilla, check out:
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