Goodbye Summer, Welcome Fall

Well, just like that, summer is gone. I mean, where did it go? I have to be honest with you. This whole blog thing has been taking a wicked back seat to everything else that has been going on in my life. But with fall here, comes a time in my life that I have always loved. Now being in New England, the fall brings a different ring to the season that no other part of the country can match. Ya ya, I know the leaves change colors in other parts of the country, but this is New England. This is where our country was raised. Old Meetinghouses, covered bridges, and stonewalls that run for miles. Forest that has seen love and war. Mountains that can see sea to shining... Oh OK! So our mountains can't see both seas, but they do touch the sky, which in turn, allows us to see all the beautiful colors the fall can bring. Awwww what a wonderful time of year! With life being so busy, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to welcome in the fall.

And for those that have been following, I had originally planned on planting a series of boxes for the fall called "Falling into Madness." I have decided against them. They were supposed to be a part of the Madman series which I have an night event set for next summer called "The Search for the Madman's Treasure." These boxes have been in the works for some time now and after planting them and preparing them for today's release, I decided that they are so good, I wanted them to be saved for the event. Sorry folks, but sometimes, good things a worth waiting for. But since I have disappointed you royally, I will how ever be planting a box sometime between now and the end of October, somewhere between Concord, New Hampshire and Gorham, Maine, that is sure to make anyone mad! So if you were upset before, I hope I just made up for it.

Also coming October 1st, a big announcement for New Hampshire New Year 2009. Stay tuned.

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