What Has Team New Hampshire Been Up To?

I guess the question would be, what have we not done. Unfortunately, letterboxing has been on the back burner recently. A few months ago, I had left my job of 7 years for another job. The whole pizza thing hadn't been cutting it for quite some time now. The down side, I work more hours, which tends to leave me with little time to do anything. As well as little energy to wanna do anything. So I went from working at Sal's Pizza full time to Rent-a-Center. I still work at Sal's Pizza Tuesdays, so if you wanna come by and visit me, or find the box I have panted there, please do! It is still there! And no, I have no intention of planting a box inside of Rent-a-Center. I had been asked already if I was gonna do it. The answer is always no!

Shortly however, the wife and I did go on vacation in California. NO CHILDREN! Oh, I never thought that would happen again. This vacation of ours had been planned for some time and with the new job, I thought we weren't gonna be able to go! My mother-in-law had also moved out. She found it very stressful to continue living at our house. THE CHILDREN! Now we needed to come up with more money. No vacation! But wait! My mother-in-law told us we were still going on vacation! AGAIN, NO CHILDREN! Closer, closer, closer it came! California, here we come.

Not to jump around, but Elijah (Spider Writer) and I had been climbing mountains. To be more specific, the 4,000 footers in New Hampshire. We had knocked off Mt. Tecumseh, which was the shortest of all 48 of them, and Mt. Moosilaukee. Moosilaukee had been a bit challenging. The hike up was fine, but my knee gave out on me while climbing back down. Not good.

Now to get back to California! I had been planning to climb a mountain out west and since we were staying in Palm Desert, the closest mountain worth climbing was San Jacinto. San Jacinto sat at a mere 10,000+ feet. Since my issue climbing down Moosilaukee, I had been icing the knee just about every night. I felt no pain while walking, walking up stairs, or during heavy lifting at work. The day came when I was to hike San Jacinto and this would be a day I would never forget. 11 miles round trip, meaning 5.5 miles one way! The 5.5 miles down were just like the climb down Moosilaukee. My knee gave out on me which made it the longest hike ever! Unfortunately, Elijah and I will be taking the rest of the fall and winter off. We might hike something small just to test it out, but we will see. Other than my mountain fiasco, California was relatively problem free. We had a great time. Weather couldn't have been any better! Not a drop of rain!

Back on the East Coast, we got back to reality! CHILDREN! School started, work was busy, time was rare! Letterboxing seemed to take a bigger back seat to everything else. Work on the house, homework, baths, yard, cars, animals! Where will I ever find the time to do anything worth talking about?

Got it! So here I am telling you about what we have been up to. I didn't even tell you about apple picking, LTC making, leaf peeping, Red Sox game, checking out the Pumpkin People in Jackson, NH, the book I am beginning to write, and last but not least, Hamlet! But I suppose I will have plenty of time to talk about that now! I will find time darn it! I miss writing!

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FrogiNater said...

no children is always good!! Glad it worked out for you to go! I'm also glad you work at Sal's- cause I gotta say, that was the YUMMIEST pizza I've ever had!!