Are you Ready for My Return?

Well, after some long and patient waiting, I'm back! For sometime now, I have been busy doing the things I needed to do to return to the game I love. Not letterboxing has been one of the hardest things I have had to do in some time. If anyone ever says there is no addiction, they are full of it and need to seek help. So, with my return official, there is some news I need to tend to.
1st- A location has been chosen for next years New Hampshire New Year gathering. Everyone should sign up for it will no doubt be another year of a great time. Also, check back for details as they will surely update as the gathering draws closer.
2nd- The return of The Search for the Madman's Treasure. I have been brainstorming some ideas on how to make this better than last years search. I have been talking to several people and I look forward to everything coming together and giving some of you an experience you won't soon forget. The Search for the Madman's Treasure will be on August 2nd, again beginning at 10:30pm. Last year it took about 3 hours for everyone to complete the search and would expect it to be around the same time this year. An event listing will come soon and posted when it is up.
So now that I am back, there will be some changes. I will bring more to the letterboxing table. Some of you know what that is already, and some of you will have to wait and see. Are you ready?

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