3 Years in the Making

It was August 15th, 2005. I remember it being a beautiful day. Typically, on such a day, we would head out into the woods for walking, for riding our bikes, for a breathe of fresh air. Today, we head out for a letterbox. What are we in for? What will we find? Will we be disappointed? The answer. Here we are, 3 years later!

What a ride it has been so far. We have been through hell and high water over the past 3 years, but this past, has been a year to remember. August 2007, the Alien Invasion hits Redding, CT during the Redding Barbecue. Many are abducted before finally, the invasion ends. After the event, a nice chat session with the host, Bandaid followed by a camp out in her backyard. The next day, we took New York City. September 2007, the Search for the Madman's Treasure. This was a night hike event full of thinking, hiking, and 5o lb raccoons. October 2007, a mystery guest arrives at Frightnight 3 in Gorham, ME. This mystery guest called himself, the Deadly Letterboxer. For an hour, he causes such a ruckus around the event floor. Other letterboxers ask questions. Other letterboxers make guesses. Other letterboxers are confused. The mystery went an hour before finally, the mystery guest called the Deadly Letterboxer, reveals his true identity. November 2007, 2nd Annual Turkeyboxing Day. This is when we letterbox on the way to my parents house on Thanksgiving of course. And then 2008 begins.

January 5th, 2008. In Hooksett, NH, I hosted my first, of what what I hope to be many, gatherings called New Hampshire New Year 2008. This was something. A new experience for me. Hard work, but tons of fun. February 2008, for the 3rd time, we head to NY for Desperately Seeking Sun. We stayed up late that night and had a bit of a debate with Cyclonic. Of course at the time, I was running for President, but since then, I have thrown in the white towel. And then life came calling. I had to take some time away from letterboxing to deal with some of my real world issues. Sometimes you just need to do so, but when May came, I was ready to return. I went to Kittery, ME, for an Ice Cream Social at Fort McClary. It was here that everyone was introduced to my other 2 children, Michaela and Bailey. Then, keeping busy, I ventured into another neighboring state, for A Greatful Tread, in Andover, MA. Lots of a good time there with your greatful host, The Merry Pransters. Last but not least, The Great Race of 2008. This is a race between the NH Hiker and the SC Hiker. Who will win? Well, right now it's all tied up.

We have planted 50 boxes over the past year. Some carved by some of the best carvers in the counrty. We have found countless boxes stretching all of New England.

But not everything has been positive highlights. Over this past year, we have lost one of our heros from our childhood in Bozo the Clown. New Hampshire has had a stormy summer which included a tornado the ripped through 11 towns, killing 1 and changing lives of many others.

Looking to the future, I have no idea what it holds. I have some ideas. But I guess you will have to wait to see what those ideas are. If you liked some of them so far this last year, you haven't seen anything yet. Let the madness begin all over agan!

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