Sunset Hill

How many times can you say it was a beautiful New England day, and it didn't rain once? Well, lately, we really haven't been able to say that! We have had such bad luck this year with it raining just about everyday we had off, which meant, we couldn't go out and search for some boxes. Now this past weekend, we didn't exactly search for new boxes. One of the boxes was, but four others were not. When I searched a week ago for the Sunset Hill clues, I had found they were not there. Come to find out, there was some sort of change with AQ and it was fixed shortly there after. The clues were now available for everyone to see. Now there are 2 boxes in this series. I was able to find the 1st box over a year ago, but unable to find the 2nd box on more than one occasion since then. This past weekend was the last straw. I had all day to find the box and finally I did.

But I didn't spend all day searching for the 2nd box to Sunset Hill, I actually hiked to the top of Sunset Hill. Taking Kidder Tract to the Sunset Hill trail, I was able to locate previously found boxes Kidder Tract and Sunset Serenade when I reached the summit. Sunset Hill is about 1,831 feet and actually takes about 30-45 minutes to hike. It does get a bit rough at the top, as most hills/mountains do in New Hampshire, but once you reach the top, you forget how out of shape you might be. The view from the top is wonderful. You get a nice view of Lake Sunapee and the surrounding mountains. In the fall, the view is even better. I do plan on making a return trip to the top of Sunset Hill, but think I will head to the gym first. I was one of those people who was a bit out of shape.

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