Oh So Many Roads in Andover

A little behind, but I have had such a busy weekend. Sunday I spent the day in Andover searching for So Many Roads. This is a series of boxes planted from Grateful Letterboxers all over the states. It would seem that these stamps came from mostly New England, but you won't see me arguing.

So, I am getting ahead of myself. Lets back up a little. First I arrived in Andover to meet up with The Travelers 4. There were only 2 of them there though! Pete from The Merry Pranksters was there as well. I knew The Travelers 4 were going to be there, But Pete was a surprise. Very cool. We Started our search looking for Pepperland Series : HELP!. This was a Beatles box that I was unable to find during the gathering last month. I had made it most of the way only to have to turn back and go to work in the evening. But nonetheless, we found the boxes and all was good. After that, I was ready to search for So Many Roads, but couldn't find my clues. I figured I had left them home. Pete was willing to venture home and get a copy of the clues for me. This was really awesome of him to do this. So while he did that, The Travelers 4 and I went out to Build-a-Bear. This was another Grateful Letterboxer box. We walked around for awhile, collected the 3 stamps which put together, builds the bear, and then headed back to the car. Pete had by that time come back and was waiting for us. He had gotten the clues for me. How cool is he! And to top it off, he let me borrow his colored markers. I only have a black, green, and gold ink pad. Time to invest in some markers!

So at this point we split ways. I drove to the beginning of where So Many Roads begins, took my bike off the car, and headed on my way. At the beginning the trail wasn't so bad for my bike. I did at first have a little bit of a hard time jumping roots and rocks. I'm not used to all this trail clutter while riding in New Hampshire. But I wasn't in New Hampshire. So I find the first box, do my thing and I have to now put it back. Problem! Someone was coming and taking their sweet time! La la la. After a few minutes waiting like I was just taking a rest from riding, I was able to finally put the box back. The next couple of boxes were much easier to find and replace, but when I headed to the 5th box, that's when things got real interesting. The trail got horrible. I could no longer ride my bike. It was all foot walking from there on. That really stunk. So I get to where the last box was and people were coming with their dogs. They seemed to be lost. They asked me if I knew the way back to the parking lot. Now, are these people letterboxers, just trying to see how I would react? I didn't know what to do, so I told them I was pretty much lost as well, but I did come from that direction. They left and once they got out of view, someone on a bike came alone. This guy was riding the rocks. I hated him for being able to do that, but he asked me if I was OK. I told him I was just resting for a bit, and he continued on. Finally I was able to get the box. These are some wonderful stamps from some wonderful people who happened to have gotten them planted on a tough set of trails. But I can't blame them. I blame Pete!

So after I got off those trails and caught my breathe, I headed to Pete's house to return his markers. We talked for just a brief moment before I had to head home. What a day this was. I was actually supposed to go hike Blue Job and search for some owls, but I guess I will have to wait another time. Thanks a ton Pranksters. I had tons of fun. And thanks Travelers "2" for hanging out with me. We will definitely do it again soon.

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