Our First Weekend - Partly Cloudy

Saturday morning, I was scheduled to go out and get the children. Nerves were running high. I didn't wanna eat breakfast or drink anything for fear of it coming back up. The last time I got this nervous I vomited. Sorry for that , but ya! So breakfast was very nill. I drove out to Grafton, in which they lived, to the police department, to pick them up. They were there waiting for me. I was running a little late since Mapquest tried sending me down a road which was a dead end. Stupid Mapquest. Anyhow, I got to the police department and they were happy to see me. So far so good. We all got into the car and we started on our way home. Home! Just minutes ago, they were home, but are now heading to their new home with me.

I asked them if they knew what was going on and both of them stated they didn't. I figured that as far as they knew, they were coming over for a weekend visit like usual. We had been driving for about 45 minutes and pulled onto the highway. This is when things got uncomfortable. Michaela started crying, a little bit at first. Once I asked if she was OK and she started crying even more. She wanted Mommy. I figured this would happen at some point and it wasn't until this point that I realized they had known what was going on. I calmed her down, while I was driving, which seemed fairly easy, but something I had hoped I wouldn't have to deal with in the car. Bailey was fine, stating he wasn't crying.

We got home and we went to their bedroom and Michaela started unpacking her things. She unpacked some toys and then unpacked some cards her classmates made for her. At this point I started to cry. I started feeling as if I had done something wrong. I pulled her from her friends and felt like a monster. At that moment, a friend of mine called and I talked to her. I felt much better after we talked. She will make even more friends soon when she starts school on Tuesday. The rest of the day went as usual as it would during a weekend visit.

Sunday came and again, everything was fine. Things couldn't be any more wonderful. We all hung out, playing with toys and talking some about the new school they both will be in. We watched some TV and played some games. They only thing I could have asked for differently..... a sunny day. I would like for us to be able to go out and about, but there WILL be more days we can do this. For now, I will enjoy what I have because just 24 hours prior, I hadn't gotten the children yet. At bed time we talked a little about Mommy and how Michaela missed her. I told her that if she looked out the window and looked hard enough, she could see Mommy. I told her that I bet she is doing the same thing. They didn't quite get at what I was trying to get at, but they are 5 and 6. I figured they were to young to understand, but it was worth a shot anyhow. Anything to try and make things as easy as possible. They went to sleep and our first weekend together forever was over. After they fell asleep, I watched them for a few minutes. This was nice. Really nice.

Monday's forecast - Mostly Sunny

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littlmoon said...

Hey, it might have been cloudy, but still sounds like your weekend was great!