Trial #1 of Being a Dad : Hair

As a new page in our life begins to grow, parts of our new life will always continue to surprise. Last night, something came up. But before I get that far, let me start from the beginning. Tuesday is there first day at their new school. We stopped by earlier in the day to finalize all the paper work so that they can go to school. Afterwards, we went to the daycare to drop Levi off and they got a chance to visit there the daycare they will be heading to after school gets out. But lets fast forward a little bit to why I am writing. Last night, both Michaela and Bailey had to take showers so they were nice and clean for their first day of school. I showed them how to work the shower and all was well. Bailey had to get his hair chopped off because he looked like the cat pictured above. He wanted it all off so his wish was granted. It did turn out a little shorter than I wanted it because the clippers couldn't handle his fine hair. But at least he doesn't look bad with such short hair. Now it was Michaela's turn to take a shower. She did and when she got out, she asked me to help dry her hair and I did. She then asked to comb her hair and........... This Dad can't comb long hair! I tried and tried and tried and gave up. Her hair looked so bad when I was finished. Sarah was at work last night and wouldn't be home until late. So I told her that Sarah would be more than glad to do her hair in the morning before school. Thank heaven for Sarah. She fixed all the issues that were Michaela's hair. Her hair looked like the cat's hair pictured above. I would have taken a picture, but it seemed like maybe in the future, if found, it would look like I was cruel to my daughter. Just kidding! She didn't want me to take a picture of how her hair looked. That's fine. But I still couldn't help writing about it.

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Nitrocat said...

If it's any consolation, some of us "veteran" moms aren't any better at it.