And the winner is........

Well, even as the last of the votes are counted at this early hour of the morning, we already know whom this countries next President will be. Barack Obama. Now I will be honest with you and let you know I didn't vote for him. I'm not gonna get into why I didn't vote for Obama, because it wouldn't matter at this point. Yesterday has past and a new day has started. I just hope that others knew what they were doing when they voted for Obama. He had a very strong youth movement and I think a large portion of them didn't even know why they voted for him.

So last night after I got out of work, I decided to ask a few of those youth, whom they were voting for and why. This is what they said:
Elijah - I voted for McCain because he wants to bring home the troops in a timely fashion so that they can be with their families.
Billy - I voted for McCain because I like him and I think he will fix the economy.
Michaela - I voted for McCain because he seems like a nice guy.
Bailey - I voted for Obama because he has a funny name!
Levi - I voted for Obama because that's the one I pointed to.
David - I voted for McCain because I like what he had to offer and I think the Republican Party name has gotten a bad rap because of Bush. A party shouldn't be dragged down because of 1 man.
Sarah - I voted for Obama because we don't need at least 4 more years of Republican ways.
So in the end, I was right. The youth don't really know why they voted for Obama, but who is bragging! McCain got 4 votes out of those polled and Obama got 3 votes. McCain won New Hampshire 4 years ago, but Obama won New Hampshire this time around and New Hampshire will be a blue state for the next 4 years. Oh well.

With this election coming to an end, I now know whom the 44th President will be and the final stamp to carve for my gathering in January. Barack Obama. I may not of voted for the guy, but I will support him in what he needs to do as President. He has lots of guts to run for the highest office, which can't be easy right now. The economy is in the toilet right now and there are 2 wars still going on. The only bright side right now, gas prices are down and in a few months, an unpopular president will be leaving the oval office.

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Anonymous said...

You sound like my (R) brother and I have resorted to flicking him behind the ear rather than argue the point.

(Someone standing next to you should make an O with thumb and forefinger and let loose with a well placed flick ... hold nothing back. It's for his own good!)

Now look at your children and think about the world you want for them. What a wonderful thing to imagine our country run by a smart, thoughtful, well reasoned, well spoken, diplomatic, REAL uniter not a divider.

I'm still smiling at the thought of promises that might come to pass.
One Nation.
The United States of America.

Yes, I voted for THAT ONE!

And in 4 years if none of this was his intent in the end - BLAST AWAY WITH I TOLD YOU SO!!

Perhaps a purple themed trading card.
Fabric of course ;)