New to Team New Hampshire

Well, it has been a long time coming, but the world is slowly getting to know the newest members of Team New Hampshire. We have done tons of stuff since they first moved in about a month ago. I got a lot of catching up to do. So here I go.

Their first chance to explore our world came way back on October 11th. We headed down to Bellingham MA to bring Ellen of The Travelers 4 a few stamps for T2's Birthday Bash which was the following day, which we couldn't make it. We watched T2 play some baseball and Ellen and I talked some and the kids were all hanging out on the playground when they weren't playing with Ellen's i-phone. Afterwards, we split and we headed to Franklin MA to plant a box called "My Other Addiction." Yes I have another addiction other than letterboxing! And it is family friendly box!

There was a few weeks now in between this trip and our next which came this past weekend. October 25th was Frightnight 4 in Gorham ME. We all dressed up as aliens. We looked like we were there for an invasion, but there was so much going on, there really wasn't any time for an invasion. Everyone got lucky this time, but next time, they won't get to be so lucky. Anyhow, there were lots of people for this years FN. The usual suspects were all there, as well as The Hashbrown Boxer from Idaho, Eidolon from Georgia, Bone Yard Recorder from Ohio and Geraldo Rivera from Iraq. OK so Geraldo wasn't actually there, but someone was dressed up like him (Jackbear from New York.) There was, like I said, so much going on between the massive search for 105 guest stamps on the "Unusual Celeb List," the talent contest, the best and worst costume contest, and of course, talking to everyone as much as you can. With the winter coming, I'm sure it was something we all had to do just in case we had another winter like last. We are all doomed! But the is hope! New Hampshire New Year 2009 is coming up in January!

The following day, we left for Connecticut to go visit some family members. Now I can't head down there without at least finding or planting 1 box. We tried to find 2 boxes, but were not able to find where to start. I think I found 1 spot, but the parking spot was in a bad location, therefore not finding this box to be very safe for others to find. Another box wasn't clear about where is was located. I know CT pretty good, but for some reason, there clues were not specific as to where to box was located. When I mapquested the location, all that was provided was the town it was in, not the actual location, but of course, I didn't realize this until later when I got to my Grandmothers house and started talking about it. realizing that when you mapquested the location, because all that was provided was the town name, it marked the center of town as the location, which again, wasn't the actual location of the box. So we were searching in the total wrong area and after a few times through that area, gave up and went on to bigger and better things. Like apples picking. We got together with my brother and his girlfriend for those apples. Michaela went a little crazy picking apples. She filled up half of a bag with 1 kind of apple. We had to slow her down. We ended up with tons of apples and believe it or not, the apples are almost gone! The kids like fruit! Sweet! We visited my grandmothers after that, which was very uneventful, and then left for home. The end of a weekend packed with drive time.

Can't say what we will be doing between now and the end of the year. There is our 3rd Annual TurkeyBoxing Day. This year we will be heading off to Maine to visit my mother. She just moved into a new home and is looking forward to showing it off to whom ever will come over to check it out. Anyhow, I will write from time to time, but I will not promise anything. Life is busy! Oh boy, is it busy!

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