Ants in Harold Parker State Park

So bare with me! I am a week late in posting this since I have been really busy and had posted 3 large posts about our trip to Virginia. The day after we got back from Virginia, I had found out that my Mother-in-law was going to take the children to her Father's house for the day, which turned into 2 days. This was awesome news for me. Sarah had to work so that left me all alone! So I decided that I was going to head to Andover, MA and look for a bunch of letterboxes. These were all boxes that were planted for the Tune In & Toon Out event that was held back in June. I had already collected "Toon Out! First Edition" a few weeks ago, and now I was going to head out for "Toon Out! Second Edition." It was a beautiful day and the bugs were really not that bad. Well except for those pesky deer flies! They have been really bad this year! But they were no match for my bug spray! 10 boxes later and the bug spray was wearing off. I finished the series and headed back to my car for lunch. I was trying to figure out if I want to head back into the woods to find some more boxes. Let me finish my lunch first and I will figure that out.

So I finished my lunch and I thought, I drove all the way down here (45 minute drive) to search for some boxes. I am alone, which doesn't happen everyday, so why not. So I went off looking for "Tune In! First Set." The bugs were just good as the first time out, but there were no deer flies this time. Oh, there's one! So more bug spray was added to myself and I continued on my way. About half way through, I was debating with myself if I really wanted to find this series of boxes or if I should have just called it quits for the day. I mean the boxes aren't going anywhere. But, I was out in the woods half way through this series and I might as well finish it. I arrive at the location where "The Key of Imagination" should be. I find the box and I log in. I finished logging in and as I stand up, I notice I am being attacked by ants! They didn't bite me but they were certainly going to town on my shoes! I stomped on the ground to hopefully rid my shoes of the ants but they were holding on tight. Next step was to rid myself of the shoe before I got bit by them. Problem was, after I got my shoe off, where do I step with 1 shoe still one and another off. I didn't want those ants on my sock for sure! So I finally made my way back to the trail, about 20 feet from where the box was located and started working on clearing my shoe of the ants. It didn't really take to long. What took longer was inspecting my shoe to make sure there were no more hanging on to bite me later. There were a few hanging onto my backpack which I rid of, and soon found myself running through the woods to finish the series faster. I did slow up a little after it seemed I was never going to get out of the woods. But now I didn't want to put my hands anywhere I didn't want to. And of course, one of the next boxes was somewhere I didn't want to stick my hand. But I was a man and I did anyhow. After finding all 11 boxes, I did manage to make my way out of the woods and back to my car. I double checked my shoes and backpack and shorts too, to make sure I wasn't gonna bring anyone home with me. I think they were fire ants but I can not be completely sure. All I know was they certainly made my trip that day very interesting and a story I will not soon forget. In all I found 22 boxes which did include the first box to "Tune In! Second Set." Even though I was attacked by ants, it was still a good day.

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