Our Trip to Virginia - Part 3

As we awake to the last day before heading home, the weather looks to be in our favor. We had only gotten rained on for that one night and things couldn't have been any more on our side today. We decided that since it was our last day in Virginia, that we would stay at camp and do things there. We packed tons of games which we really hadn't played much of up until this point. We did some more swimming down at the pool. The campground had a water slide which we were interested in, but for some reason, they wanted us to pay $9 for us to use it. Didn't make much sense to pay so much. They had a package where you could use the sprinkle park (which was stupid) and the mini golf course for $6. You could have added the water slide for $3 more dollars. So we were about to head down to the pool when we started to hear rumbles of thunder. Clouds started to roll in and the sky opened up. It poured and a river was formed through our camp site. You see, we hadn't seen this until now, but it made perfect sense now that all our stuff got so wet in the tent that first night we showed up. The road sat higher than the site and there was little to no drainage for the water, except into our camp site and others for that matter. So for about an hour it poured, and just as fast as it started, it stopped.

The sky cleared and rumbles could still be heard in the distance but we could tell they were from the storm that just passed. So we waited at least a half hour before finally heading down to the pool. We had talked about whether or not we would do the slide and/or the mini golf and not even consider the sprinkle park. We get to the pool and just past the pool, down a small hill was the mini golf course. 5 of the 18 holes were under water, so I thought that maybe the campground would maybe do something for us so we could do the sprinkle park and water slide for $6. Nope! They wouldn't even though the mini golf course was under water. So we swam for at least an hour and a half before calling it quits.

Later, we started to figure out what need to be packed up before heading to bed. We were planning on heading home around 8AM and I didn't want to be packing everything that early in the morning. So planning started and dinner was too. Boo Boo came around again and played with the children at the playground. Today, they were playing dodge ball and he joined them in the game. It was kinda funny until a scream was heard. It was one of my kids crying on the ground because someone hit him with the ball. I went and got him and as I turned to walk back to camp, a second kid was crying. Yup! One of mine again. SO we all went back to camp and settled down for dinner. Hot dogs and beans were on the fire tonight. Sarah and I loved it, but the children didn't as much. They are picky eaters. So as we ate, the sun started to set and the clouds started to come in as well. They didn't completely cover the sly but they didn't need to. Rumbles of thunder were coming again, but this time, we got no rain. With sky pitch black now, flashes of lightning in the distance lit the sky through the flickering flames of the fire. Hmmm! I like that line! I should write that one down! Anyhow, I was going to start packing but since I didn't know if it was going to rain, I held off until I felt it was safe to do so without that wet stuff falling from the sky. The rumbles stopped after awhile, the show was almost over, and we started to pack as much as we could. I was not looking forward to the ride in the morning.

So we woke up around 6AM and took our showers and I started taking down the tent and stuffing the rest of everything back into the van for our ride home. We actually left at 8AM like I had hoped. Before we left Natural Bridge though, I had to plant a letterbox. It wasn't the best carve in the world, but I guess if it goes missing, it won't be that hard to re carve. I somehow forgot to bring some of my transfer tools so the image I had was drawn on the rubber itself. Cave wall drawings it was. We drove up to Cave Mountain Lake which is in the Jefferson State Forest just down the road a bit. That didn't take long to plant. It was a drive by!We now were on our way home. Oh look a dinosaur! We stopped and took a picture of the children with the dinosaur. Oh look Stonehenge! We stopped and took a picture of Stonehenge. Now we were officially off.

The ride was perfect. I wasn't tired at all. We were planning on heading to Washington D.C. again so we can get some souvenirs for the children to take home. I wanted a Hard Rock pin since I collect them. We ate lunch in Washington D.C. and then headed off to Baltimore. I was in heaven! I am a huge Baltimore Orioles fan and they had just ended their game, which they won and I was in Baltimore. I did shed a tear. So we stopped here for more souvenirs and even though I already had a Hard Rock pin from Baltimore, I went and got another. After that we headed for Connecticut. My grandmother lived there and this was where we were going to be staying for the night. It was nice to see her, but we were all so tired. Good night Grandma.

The next morning we said our goodbyes to Grandma and visited my brother at Mohegan Sun Casino. We was surprised to see us there. We talked about his wedding next month and blah blah blah. We left and headed to Foxwoods. Guess what was there? Hard Rock! I collected another pin and now we were finally on our way home. A half hour on the highway and down came the rain. Hazards were put on and the speed limit dropped to 40mph. Nobody could really see anything. 30 minutes of that and it stopped raining all together. But now we had to deal with traffic and there was lots of it. Worcester and Lowell, MA, Nashua and Manchester, NH. A 3 hour drive took us about 4 and a half hours total. Either way, it was nice to finally be home. The van was parked in front of the house, and everyone went inside to bed. What a trip that was. I can't wait to never do it again!

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