Introducing Jason & Cori Baril

I would like to take this moment and welcome the newest member to my family, Cori Ruedinger. On September 19th, this past Sunday, my brother and his girlfriend got married. It had seemed that this day would never ever come. He had been with some really nice girls, but they always managed to break his heart. Finally, he met a girl while living in Louisiana and they knew that they were meant for each other. Now, they hadn't been together long, but they knew from the start. Sometimes this happens. It doesn't happen often, but it really does happen.

Now for this special occasion, I had carved a stamp just for them and it is my hope that many people will visit the box and will leave well wishes for them to read on their first year anniversary. The box is called "The Big Day." I usually don't draw my images, grabbing them from the net, but since this was my Brother's big day, I had to do it. It is not the best image in the world, but they loved it when I told them and showed them the image. That was all that mattered. So come out and leave some well wishes for the new couple.

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Goofy girl said...

ooohhh that is sweet of you!!!