The Weekend That Was and Wasn't!

Well, this weekend had certainly the most weird of things happen. Some of them good and some of them really not even close.

So I must start with Saturday. I had to work all day as I usually do. The day was running along with no issues, which is expected. At some point during the early evening, a gentleman came into the store and purchased a slice of pizza. This gentleman had come in many times before but this time he looked different. I had mentioned to him that he looked lighter. Every other time he came in he was carrying around a huge backpack on his back. Clearly he looked homeless. But that wasn't exactly the case. He had mentioned that he was living out of a shelter and finally started getting his life back in order. He had just paid off a second car, which he didn't have anymore, and finally found himself with a paycheck that he didn't need to spend on bills. He was starting to save for an apartment so he could get out of the shelter. I had offered him his slice on me that night. He was quite shocked with my decision and very grateful. He is a very nice guy. He left and it started to get busy. I had told the other 2 people what I had done and I was given weird looks. We typically frown upon buying anyone of that nature a slice. But we carried on. About a half hour later, a women came in with 2 children claiming she couldn't get her car started and needed a jump start if we had the cables. I did, so I headed outside and standing by her car was her husband. I grabbed my car and jumped their car and as I started packing up to head back inside, he handed me a $20 bill. I told him I didn't want to take it but he insisted. I took it even though I felt it was unnecessary. I went inside and the discussion turned to karma. Maybe things would keeping going, but by the title of this post, you get the idea!

Sunday came and I was hosting a mini-meet at my work, Sal's Pizza. Would you believe that everyone showed up. I got Rubaduc and Giz from Connecticut, Oldhounder and Siamese from Massachusetts, and tons more from New Hampshire. AND, to top it off, Lundy and Vickster showed up at the last minute which we didn't expect. There were some new letterboxers, the FlyingPigs, Canadian-American Girl, Tinabeana and local veterans, Skier4444, The Clue Crew, and the Silva Foot Family, as well as myself of course. We ate pizza and stamped in some boxes, carved a little and told some boxing stories. All in all, everyone had a wonderful time and really enjoyed hanging out. I think that hosting a mini-meet is so much less stressful than hosting a bigger event. I think I will do this again in the very near future.

So after the event, I was to head to Maine, to my Mother's house. By spending the night at my Mother's, this would save me from driving all the way to Rome to the P.I.E. event hosted by Robins Nest. What I didn't realize until I got to my Mother's house was that I had left my GPS on my computer desk and had no idea how to get to Robins Nest house now. The next morning, I was planning on searching my emails using my phone, but now realized that my phone was searching for a signal all night, which was killing the battery. If I had known that, I would have brought my charger. So the day was ruined. What could we do now? Since my Mother lived about 30 minutes or so from the ocean, I decided that we should head there. Wells and Ogunquit beaches were hard to find and once we found the Wells beach, we were unable to find any parking spots so we left. We have time share in Ogunquit and we stopped there to go swimming in the indoor pool. After we headed to York beach, which was almost as hard to find parking at, but we found some. All the children had fun playing in the water and even though that visit was short lived, they still had fun. We left Maine and visited Pierce Island in Portsmouth to check on one of my boxes that is there. The box was doing well and there was no sign that anything was wrong. Before we left, the tide was down so we collected some shells and rocks for me to do some crafty things with.

So all in all, the weekend was kinda a bust. We had been to P.I.E. last year and we were looking forward to going again this year.. Since that didn't happen, we made due with what we had and tried to have as much fun as we could. I think the children had more fun since we didn't do as much driving as planned. Hopefully next year, Robins Nest will again host another P.I.E., and we will be able to make it with very little issues. Thank you for hosting yet another successful event Robins Nest, even though we were unable to make it. We will surely make it up to Rome sometime in the near future.

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Anonymous said...

We are under a Mercury retrograde influence. This happens about every 3 months for about 3 weeks each. When we experience a Mercury Retrograde, anything having to do with communication or travel gets fouled up MUCH more often than when we're not under this influence. YOU have just experienced a textbook example of a Mercury Retrograde weekend!
(the astrologer)