4 Days in 4 Ways

Sunday - T2's Birthday Extravaganza - This was our first letterboxing gathering we had been to since I hosted my event last January. With the family being so busy, it has been hard to get time off for any gathering. And being that most, if not all gatherings are on Saturdays, it is hard to get a Saturday off. But finally a gathering was on Sunday and we weren't gonna miss it. So we headed to Sutton Massachusetts to the Purgatory Chasms and this was gonna be a big day for the children. This was gonna be the day that everyone had their own personal stamps to carry around with them. They even had a log book. Now they had fun stamping in and we went searching for stamps with Rubabduc, Giz, Automan, Enjoiner, and TsukiAmes. We climbed rock faces and chatted some, and then I had to search for a missing stamp. For about a quarter of the time, I had to search for for Bailey's stamp that he had lost and not told me about. We had come across Maire's Facets and Tea-Bass on the trail and they had asked for an exchange. This was when I found out. I was not happy of course. And to top it off, I hadn't found the stamp. This stamp is called Cuddle Bear. This is Bailey's new trail name. It was in a tan Whitman's Sampler tin. So if anyone that reads this blog happens to venture there and finds the tin or stamp, please contact me.Monday - My Birthday - One of these days, I will have a birthday party for myself. Now don't get me wrong, I don't mind not having a birthday party, but I haven't had one in some years now. While at Sundays gathering, they had sang happy birthday to myself too and we did have some cake, but I want my own party. Maybe next year. So I was now 31 years old. As the day grew closer, I couldn't help but think that soon I will be 40. As you grow up, there are certain years you just never think your gonna get to. For ever if felt to turn 21 or 30 even. Now that I am there, I now look at 40 and see if just around the corner. Of course, I shouldn't look that far and I should just enjoy where I am right now. They are right, but it still is coming! So for my birthday, I did nothing. What I wanted to do was go hiking, work in the yard, carve some stamps, play some games, but none of that happened. I really did nothing. Doesn't sound like much fun! Sorry!

Tuesday - AQ-Versary - Team New Hampshire has been boxing for4 years now, but we actually have been letterboxing since August 15th, 2005. An AQ-Versary is when you find the site itself and become a member. So, as of Tuesday, we were a part of Atlas Quest for 4 years. We have had our good times and our bad times. We have made tons of friends and made some enemies too, which of course was never my intention. Either way, we are here and we are looking forward to our 5 years with Atlas Quest.
Wednesday - Our Wedding Anniversary - 3 years ago, my Wife and I spent tons of money so that we can celebrate our love for each other. 3 years later, not much has changed in the love department, no matter how much we kid about it, but all the things around us have. No matter how hard things have gotten, we have managed to to stick it out for the better of our family. We are still strong and couldn't think of being with anyone else. Let us hope for many more years.


Goofy girl said...

***throws confetti, releases balloons, and rolls out the cakes***

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary Dave and Mrs. Dave. Say hi to those brawling aliens for us. ;-)

LB and TTC