The Road to Dunbarton, NH

This summer, The Dunbarton Town Hall turned 100 years old. Every year until the town of Dunbarton celebrated it's 250th birthday, the Dunbarton Garden Club will be planting and selling Daffodils. Of course, it wasn't until I ventured into Dunbarton, that I had known this.

On Monday, I planted a letterbox called Dunbarton in town at one of the beautiful forests it has called the Nat & Wilcox Brown Forest. It wasn't a very long walk to a pond, but it was still quite a site to see. I think that the trail would have gone further, but we had just had a full day of pouring rain, allowing the pond to swell some. So with a special box carved for the town of Dunbarton, I planted it there in the forest. This would the closest I wanted to get to the center of town without there being a chance of it going missing.

So after I planted the box, I started back to the car. While doing so, I happen to noticed that there were little things moving around in the pond. Upon further investigation, I had found that there were tons of newts swimming around along the ponds edge. I must have watched them for at least 15 minutes. With the cold weather approaching, these guys must be enjoying themselves. I couldn't help but wonder what they do when the water freezes over. And when I got home, I did no research on them to see what they do, so I guess I didn't wonder enough to care later. But what they did do, they allowed me to enjoy the town of Dunbarton even more and I look forward to my journey back in the near future.

I know that there will be people visiting my box, and when you do, I would suggest going around spring/summer time so you can see the daffodils.

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