Are You Ready for Some Football?

Saturday night, I though about doing something with the family that had nothing to do with house work or yard work or even letterboxing. Ya, I know! No letterboxing. I suppose I could have had included letterboxing somewhere in these plans, but I didn't wanna push it any.

A fellow co-worker was on a football team that was in the Division 5 Championship game which had been moved from Saturday to Sunday due to heavy rain fore casted. Now with the game scheduled for Sunday, this gave me a chance to see this kid play football. Sunday was a beautiful day for a football game! We got into the car and headed off for Manchester, to Gill Stadium, for the game. Bishop Brady vs. Trinity. LETS GO! GREEN AND GOLD!

The game began as we were trying to figure out which guy was the one I work with. And there he stood, #17. He was a tad bit tall and probably the skinniest kid on the team. He also was the kicker! His team was moving down the field, mixing it up with running plays and passing plays, when finally they landed into the end zone. They were up 7-0 after the extra point. Now it was Trinity's turn. They moved just as Brady did, down the field with a mixture of passing and running plays, finding themselves in the end zone too. Instead of an extra point, Trinity went for a 2 point conversion and made it. The score was 8-7, Trinity on top. Things slowly went down hill for Brady. That one touchdown would be the only score they would have for the rest of the game. Trinity would continue to pound the ball on the ground and throw the ball through the air scoring many more touchdowns. At the beginning of the 4th quarter, Trinity score again and we decided to leave with the score 35-7. We had seen enough.

We headed home kinda disappointed about the outcome of the game. None of us went to Bishop Brady so we weren't overly upset by the game, but it would have been nice to see a better game than that! So, back at home, we pulled out our own football and threw it around in the backyard thinking we could have played so much better then they did today. Passes were being thrown better, and caught better than than they did. But we were not on the team and there was nothing we could have done about the outcome of that game.

Even though the game didn't turn out to be what we hoped it would be, they still had some fun. Most of last week, they all had been sick and didn't do much in the way of activities. The fresh air, the warm sun, and a football game. Why not! What a beautiful day to just get out! The next day, I found out that the final score of the game was 41-7. Oh well!

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