Looking for The Beautiful Place

One of the things I always tell people, I go letterboxing more for the places that I go, then for the images I collect. I think it is very important to always look at the places you've been because you never know when you'll be back. Monday, I went looking for a box called "The Beautiful Place" in Chichester, NH. I have been to Chichester and have a box planted there in Carpenter Park. This box was actually on a trail across from the park. I didn't know there was a trail across the street from the park! I think it was a snow mobile trail, but a trail is a trail.

Heading down this trail, I couldn't help but notice the trees. They are some of the most wonderful trees I had eve seen. They reminded me a lot of the trees in Carpenter Park! The area must be full of these kind of trees. Not that I am complaining of course! Anyhow, I follow the trail around when finally I made it the beautiful place, and that it was. The thing that amazes me more is that, all these places never look the same. You think that you might have seen a pond or a swamp before, but you haven't. Every place has something different about it that gives you that AHHH felling inside. Oh, the letterbox! It was planted by the Icecreamfamily. The box was huge and for a good reason. Inside the box was a giant plastic ice cream cone with the stamp inside. I now wanted ice cream! I stamped in the box and put it back, covering it up better than I found it, and started to head back to my car. I past a stream and an opening where you could see horses. They weren't very close and there were "No Trespassing" signs to make sure people don't walk through the field. Oh well, I had seen horses before. I got back to my car and drove off feeling, AHHH! Thank you Icecreamfamily for bring me to the beautiful place. After being so busy lately, I needed that today.

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