For Those That Don't Know Him

For quite some time now, I have been writing posts for this blog, but this blog isn't the only one I write for. For over a year, I have been writing Boxing Buddy stories for a Pig called Hamlet, and his cat Yorick. He has done some traveling with me but, for the most part, hasn't done much in the way of letterboxing. He is always in my car and if I find a spot that I think would fit well with a story, I will pull over and take a picture with Hamlet and Yorick. Now you might wonder why I even bother bring this up. You might not even give a darn about my other hobby which yes does include a Boxing Buddy. But as the winter sticks it's head out and dumps snow on the ground, my letterboxing ventures have come to a halt. I will not be planting anymore until the snow melts and we will be doing very little in the way of searching for letterboxing. I know, this post isn't up your alley, but I have a story to tell which includes Hamlet.

The other day, I headed up to Tilton, NH for some Christmas shopping. I still need to find something for a few more people. While I was up there, I thought it would be a cute idea to take a picture of Hamlet and Yorick at the outlet center. I didn't want to take a picture in the stores or along the walking path from store to store, in fear that people would stare and wonder. So after I bought a couple of items, I started to scout out a location to take a picture. It was in the middle of the parking lot where the outlet center could be seen in the background. I had purchased a small paper gift bag the looked like he got after shopping, wrapped it around his hand and set him on the ground. I put Yorick on the ground next to him with his front paws on Hamlets boot. It was quite breezy so I had to put my wallet in the bag so that it doesn't fly away. So now they were set for the picture. I turn the camera on and make sure the picture will come out good. Just as I take a picture, a car stops right where I was taking a picture. They were opposite the direction of the picture, but I knew they stopped. As I stood up, I turned and noticed the passenger window was rolling down. Two women were in the car and the one driving spoke to me. She said, "Now there has to be a story behind this!" I had told her about how I have been writing stories about the journeys of Hamelt and how I post them on the blog. She replied straight faced, "You are very creative! I give you kudos! Keep up the good work!" She then drove off and I packed up Hamlet and left for home. I couldn't help but keep thinking about what that women said. There really is nothing more that I would like, than to get more notice for Hamlet and the stories I write for him. So because of her words, I am here letting you know about this other venture I have going for me. This winter, I will probably be posting more for Hamlet, than for myself. So if you would like to check out Hamlet's blog, feel free to visit Having it with Hamlet. Enjoy.

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