Mt. K-K-Kearsarge was C-C-Cold

So here it was, Sunday, when Spider Writer and I were gonna hike Mt. Kearsarge with a crew from Massachusetts. The Travelers 4, Choi, and the Woodland Wanderers. We had planned to meet at a park and ride in Concord at 9:30. Problem was, I was not gonna be there at that time. Don't get me wrong, I'm the one that asked them to meet me there at 9:30. I live just outside of Concord. The problem came when I started my car early so it can warm up, and I managed to lock my keys in the car. WHILE IT WAS RUNNING! So after about 15 minutes, I managed to get into my car with a butter knife and a long thin brass pipe. And now you know how to brake into my car!

I showed up at the park and ride about 15 minutes late. I get out of the car to greet everyone and thank them for coming and everyone immediately noticed I was the only one wearing shorts. Was I crazy? I was left with the impression that the day was gonna be beautiful, and for the most part it was. Anyway, we hoped into our cars and headed off to the mountain. About a half hour up I-89, we arrived. Hmmmm, the weather doesn't seem so beautiful, but I am one tough cookie. I can handle it. Right now anyway!

Now before we even start heading up the mountain, I think it is important that everyone know how prepared Rhonda of the Woodland Wanderers was. She had the biggest warmest hat, she had a layer under her pants, and she wore something like 10 shirts UNDER her coat, and gloves. Now she came prepared. Of course as we started up the mountain, those layers she was wearing started to come off.

The hike up the Winslow Trail which was Choi's idea, was beautiful. It started rough for some of us, but as we continued up the mountain, it became much easier per say. The rocks we had to climb over were still there and sometimes they did get bigger but our bodies were getting used to the climb. The air was nice and the french we all got to listen to was pretty cool too! French you ask? Ellen from The Travelers 4 and Steve from the Woodland Wanderers started conversing with each other in french. Sometimes throwing swears at each other. In fun of course. But I though it was rather cool of course. I am trying to learn some french myself, but they knew far more than I did. Well, while they weren't talking in french, we got to listen to some of the sounds, the mountain had to offer. The site if the mountain got us too! I was left with the impression that I was the only one to ever climb Mt. Kearsarge. So as everyone was viewing all the beautiful sites, we managed to wander off the trail and follow what looked like a trail. But it was not. We headed back up the trail and shortly there after, we found ice.

A couple of days ago, there was a pretty descent storm. It brought rain to most of the state but snow to the higher altitudes. Mt. Kearsarge sit at a height of 2,937 feet. So things got a little bit icy as we continued up the mountain. Then we began to see snow. The snow was a welcome site as it covered some of the ice and left it not as slippery. We soon stopped for a photo shoot at our first scenic vista. Everyone loved the view but nothing prepared them for what they would find at the top. An hour and a half after we left the parking lot, we arrived.

There was ice, snow, and lots of wind! This is were I could have used gloves. Of course, everyone was so nice to offer up there gloves so I could warm up my hands, but I stayed strong and kept them warm in my hoodie. Yes, I said hoodie. We grabbed a box by Uneksia called The Wanting, and I planted my box, Mt. Kearsarge. After some more pictures, we headed back down the mountain, down the Barlow Trail. Again Choi's idea. The top of this trail was quite slippery. I hit my can on the ice several times and I know others did too! The trail had quickly gotten much better and we just as quickly enjoyed the trek down. I can't say how long it took for us to get down, but once we got down, we were happy to be there. We rested a bit before getting into our cars and heading off. We did find a couple more boxes on the way back to Concord, but if there was one thing I learned, make sure you bring gloves. Even if you don't think you need them. I thank everyone for coming. Even those I didn't know were coming. It made a wonderful hike even more wonderful. I think they enjoyed the hike too!

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veganf said...

Looks like a fun day. I'm crazy often skiing in shorts, but I think I'd have worn pants and gloves too!