The Fact of the Matter

It would seem that yesterdays example of moving on, was a bit of a joke.

Mark posted:
"Now that yesterday's fiasco is behind us, and everyone has had a chance to calm down, I wonder what everyone thinks of what happened. Were multiple complaints enough to get Cyclonic banned? Did I act inhaste? It seems I've been accused of wanting people to box my way. I've always said this list is your list. Talk to me - do we invite Cyclonic back?"

Funny! It's a new day, but lets continue to talk about what happened. Doesn't sound like yesterday's fiasco is behind you Mark! Later, some posts describe Cyclonic (Nathan) as being rude, inconsiderate, disrespectful. These are suppose to be new boxers! Sounds like everyone is being themselves in a way that most of America judges people by a first impression. That if a fact. Maybe, instead of taking all those emails you "say" you got against Cyclonic, and email them all back explaining that letterboxing invites all types of people. Be a moderator, not someone who clearly dislikes Cyclonic. It is a fact you don't like him. What to say otherwise? You did call him and SOB! That's a fact too!

By the end of the day, people posted on the newboxers board, assuming that you didn't censor anyone, and some were heard. Did anyone invite Cyclonic to join the discussion? I would be interested to know being that everyone was talking about him. I was at work all day yesterday and while I would have loved to be a huge part of yesterdays event, a post I made to the newboxers this morning, at 7:53am, hasn't been posted yet.

Time stamped at 12:53am, Mark wrote :
"After discussing the past 2 days events and the posts for and against Cyclonic and his removal from this board, the moderators have decided that it is time for a truce of sorts. I have been informed that Cyclonic probably would not come back even if asked. But the overall majority of posts were to leave him banned and we will proceed from there. That being said the mods encourage everyone to get back to what the newboxers list is really about - asking questions and learning about this great hobby of ours while remembering one of the main tenets of this talk list, as detailed on the main page: "Answers to questions or concerns must be in a respectful andnon-threatening manner. "I expect this will be the end of this discussion. The moderators appreciate everyone's input and private emails. In alist of 4032 people registered, we have lost about 6 people."

Congratulations to you Mark! The fact is, 32 replies were posted amongst 21 people on the board. 6 by Mark, 4 by Sheba, and most everyone else posted once. 21 people out of 4032 people. From the replies, I was able to determine this. 6 replies were supporting Cyclonic, 4 against, and 3 neutral. The rest of the posts were not even any which way. So, I can only imagine what kind of emails you got! I bet they weren't all good ones! What are the numbers? I want the facts! Not your hidden blah blah, and you false assumption. The country doesn't support you. 4011 people didn't reply to your "It's a New Day" "let's move on" question. 6 left the newboxers board. Congrats to you!

In a snippet of a post, Mark wrote:
"My language in the post (that wasn't meant to be a post) was wrong. That bothered me very much as well. It takes a lot to get me mad and this latest outcry was the final straw. It bothered me so much so that, in discussions with the other moderators last night, I offered to turn the ownership of this list to one of them and bow out. Just up and leave and go away. (Some of you may not realize that I formed this list to avoid the very thing that was happening here on occasion.) I was voted down resoundingly and given reassurance that this happens to everyone at one time or another. I was still wrong and for that I apologize again."

So, I want to see what everyone voted. There are only 5 mods. Your vote surely was for you to stay, that's a fact! So, I can only wonder what everyone else voted! But for only such a few mods that this board holds, you couldn't possibly have a resounding vote your way. 5 MODS! Maybe instead of offering to turn over your dictatorship over the newboxers board, and knowing full well you would have been asked to stay, fact, you should have just handed over the reigns. It is clear that mistakes happen. We have seen this with interviews lately, but to have a private email, clearly stating your feelings towards another, a clear violation of the newboxer board, fact, posted on the board for everyone to see, there should be a consequence for your actions. Cyclonics responce was taken the wrong way and handled so poorly by yourself, that you have made enemies over this. The fact of the matter is, I dislike you more now than I did yesterday. The fact is, I respected you as a letterboxer until Tuesday. The fact is, your an Asshole! Show us how assholic your not and step down!

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Cyclonic said...

Hi Dave,

I just wanted to thank you and many others for your support in this matter. I have lost all respect for Mark Pepe not only as a letterboxer, but also as a man. It is good to know that I do have friends and at least people that are willing to stick up for me.

While I plan to write further on my own blog later on this, I will share with you something I received this afternoon:

dear cyclonic,

the moderators and owner of the newboxers yahoo group wanted you to know that all posts referring to your moderation and banning have been deleted from the yahoo group. the purpose behind this is to not influence your reputation as an individual and letterboxer. while it is true that many have
already seen the posts there are those in the future who will not. we are all truly sorry for what has happened and wish you the best.




It would seem to me that it is not my reputation they are worried about, but that of Mark Pepe's. They would rather cover this whole thing up and act as if it has never happened. They do not want anyone to see just how draconian they are. It is very disturbing that many mew people to the hobby will continue to be treated as nothing more then lemmings without even knowing it.

Thank you for your time and your writing, hope to see you in the nearer future.