How to Put Your Foot in Your Mouth

On a newboxers board used through yahoo, this question was posted:

Gwendontoo wrote:
"How many mystery boxes are listed, linked, or filed here?
Do not post where you have found them, only the number.

This was a reply to this question
"Is that not something you should figure out for yourself?
-Nathan Brown"

Now, a result of this reply to the question, supposedly upset some people. Apparently, this reply somehow put Nathan on a blacklist and his posts would be monitored. But then sometime shortly after that, he got banned from ever posting on the newboxers board.

Then........ this was posted:

I just put the SOB on moderation and sent him an email to that effect.
Why are some people so disagreeable.
Anyway - we'll comb over his posts with a fine tooth comb.
I'm hoping he'll get pissed enough to just go away.
Best to you on Gwen. I still have to get your Geo in the mail!!
-Mark Pepe"

Hmmmmm. Does anyone think that Mark will get banned?

He replied with this:

"Hi boxers,
I'm very sorry for the message that got through. I thought Don had emailed me privately.
Cyclonic has been banned from this list after repeated complaints from many of you today and other times.
Again, I'm sorry for my post - it wasn't intended for mass consumption.
-Mark Pepe"

I am sorry, but if he doesn't get banned, then there is a serious problem with the mods of the newboxers board. I am sure that I am not the only one, but I didn't see anything wrong with Nathan's post. the finger is being pointed at the wrong person here!

Here's my question. If Nathan apologized, would everything be alright? Thanks for showing us how to firmly put your foot in your mouth!


Suziecurls said...

I don't understand what was so rude execpt for the moderators answer.

DIXIE said...

frankly and honestly...
assholes are exactly why I stay off the "lists"... Some of the same people that are on the new boxers list are the same that were rude to me when i was new and was on the "big list" (way before the newbie list). I gave it all a second and then third chance... I'll never go back.

Anonymous said...

I agree....

The only thing RUDE there was the resnse from the person (cant even call him a man) that called him an SOB.......

Seems horrible!

I have never been on the newboxers board (didn't even know there WAS one. BUT..... If it is what the name implies (newbies) then the question was appropriate?!?!

I might even wonder the same thing! Geesh, the nerve of some people..... Since i don't follow that board or even know how to find it, keep us posted if you hear anything else!

I'd like to know the result of that!