Turkeyboxing Day 2008

Turkeyboxing Day. For those that don't know what Turkeyboxing day is, it is a day when we combine letterboxing and Thanksgiving and make it one holiday. Every year, we have gone to either my Mother's house or my Dad's. Since both live at least an hour away, we have decided to find a few letterboxes on the way. This is the 4th year we have been doing this since starting letterboxing in 2005. This years venture, to my Mother's house in Maine.

First we needed to head to Tamworth, where my Dad lives, to drop off some tools he let me borrow. On the way, we stopped in Northfield to look for a box called "Mickey meets Titus" but couldn't find it. Then across the river to Tilton to look for "Tilton Island." We were able to find that box. Now we were to drop off the tools and attempt to find our 2nd of 3 boxes. On the way north, the ground started getting covered with snow. The snow was very little, but within 5 minutes of first spotting snow, it was everywhere. Barely a bare spot to be found. Once we got into Tamworth, there had to of been at least 4 inches of snow. Winter was surely coming if not considered here now.

After we dropped of the tools, we headed to find a box located in a cemetery in Tamworth called "Ordination Rock Cemetery." We found it with no problems, even though there was 4 inches of snow on the ground. Snow has never been an obstacle for us. We are used to searching for letterboxes in deep snow. New York in 2007, 4 feet of snow! Anyhow, now we were officially heading to my Mother's house.

A letterboxer in Connecticut, Maine-iac at Heart, had planted a letterbox in Effingham, NH and I had offered to watch over it for her. Of course in order for me to do that, I had to find it first. "Nutter Cemetery" was planted in a cemetery of that same name and is kinda hard to find. Very easily could be driven by if you weren't paying attention, but we found it. The boxes were in great shape and the stamp images were wonderful.

Finally making it to my Mother's House after a traveling the long way, dinner wasn't quite ready yet. Every year, we want to plant a letterbox on Turkeyboxing Day with a turkey theme. We have only done it once during our 3 years doing Turkeyboxing Day, but had a box to plant this year. So we headed out for a short drive to Sanford, ME to Gowen Memorial Park. There is a nice trail system the runs the woods and streets of Sanford. This time around, we will be sticking to the woods. While walking the woods, we found some wonderful areas including a long metal bridge crossing over a river. The walk was nice but a tad cold. There was no snow on the ground here but yes, winter was surely still coming.

Now it was dinner time. Oh man! The turkey was so good and stuffing, yams, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, I could just keep going. Everything was great. My Mother did an awesome job. Then the pies were something too. Wish I had more space in my stomach to put more there but unfortunately, I didn't. We watched a movie called "Space Chimps", worst movie ever, but then again, I fell asleep for most of the movie. I wouldn't suggest renting the movie and if you did, ask for your money back! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving as we did brace yourself! Christmas is coming! It only gets worse!

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Anonymous said...

I am so exciting about this concept! Even though I current live (and letterbox in NY state) I am a NH Native through and through. I love Thanksgiving, and plan to plant some letterboxes on my way to NH on our family visit in July 2009. I am trying to get my NH family involved in the fun! Great site! Plan to LB all the while we visit.