It's Starting to Look Like Christmas....Kinda

Now that Thanksgiving is over, up will pop the Christmas trees. Yes, there has been a tree up at someone else's house in town for about 2 weeks now. A bit early for me. Just before Thanksgiving, the children and I went to The 'Fez'tival of Trees, held by the Shriner's of New Hampshire in Concord.

At this 'Fes'tival of Trees, there are about 20 or so trees all decorated by business and organization from around the area with different themes. When you walk in, you are given a paper with a list of items that you need to find on the trees. Airplanes, feathers, whisks, etc. We were able to find all of the items on the list in great time this year. Last year it took us so long to find everything. So another thing we needed to do was vote for which tree we liked the best. Someone liked the TY tree and there was the Webkins tree that was a favorite, but I ended up picking a tree that was more traditional. After I picked that tree, Billy had mentioned he noticed it had a ribbon on it. I was told that the tee was in 2nd place so far. There were still a few more days for people to vote.

So I bring up the 'Fez'tival of Trees for a reason. There is no snow but as I said, the Christmas trees are going up. Including the Letterboxing tree in Bellingham, Ma. The Travelers 4, for yet another year, will be hosting the tree. She has opened her backyard for visitors from all over to come and collect some images of the season. This year, the theme is Christmas songs. Can't make it? She will be hosting a Letterboxing Tree event for those that wanna get together for some fun, snow, and stamps. January 2nd of 2010, O Letterboxing Tree 2009-2010. Come and collect some stamps! You might get lucky and meet The Travelers 4 and get some hot cocoa out of it!

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